Better LIT Than Never

My family and friends have been urging me for a long time to write blogs and other posts where I can share my views, poems and other writings. I have not heeded those proddings. I thought I’m too old for that/this stuff. or that it’s too late.

As days, years passed, the realization that I can still help or do something using my pen (or my laptop keyboard, for that matter), despite increasing physical limitations (one-eye blind, slower movements, etc.), has become both an unrelenting pressure as well as a refreshing inspiration, to, yes, write and publish them here.

My family name is Lit, possibly of Malayo-Polynesian linguistic origin. At the same time, it is the past tense or past participle of “to light”. Therefore, you can either see my thoughts as either brightly or dimly Lit. “Lit” is also used by many writers as short of “Literature” – quite a coincidence for my great interest in writing poems and stories, despite the fact that my formal training is in science, specifically entomology, the study of insects and its relatives and not in creative writing.

Back in college, some of my friends/classmates, have cracked a joke on me, substituting my surname for the few times that I came late for an org meeting, saying “Oy Lit ka ngayon!” [instead of “Hey you’re late this time!]. Recalling that moment, and negating my earlier thoughts that I’m too old for this kind of stuff, gave me the idea for starting this personal writing journey – because it’s “Better LIT Than Never!”

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