Love in the Covidocene

I thought I’d start writing a story with the title “Love in the Time of COVID19” but somebody else has done that when I searched through Google, although I haven’t seen or read that yet. It would have been a way of honoring an author, a Nobel laureate, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who wrote “Love in the Time of Cholera.” I ended up writing a free verse and used instead “Covidocene” following the present epoch acknowledged as the Anthropocene, when lots of human-made disasters occur, foremost of them the current Climate Change events. I was almost tempted to use “Wuhan Virus Era.” That would have been an accurate way of attributing its origin to Wuhan, China.

My guess is that this time of our lives, that supposedly started in 2019, actually began much earlier, and it will possibly, nay probably, last long, and the changes it will cause on the way we view things, and the way we deal with our loved ones, friends, colleagues, workmates, and others in our local societies, as well as our appreciation or diminished respect for national governments, and relationships among nations and peoples of the world will be really great. It will not be the same after all these, pandemic and pandemonium, are over.

Today, 21 March 2020, UNESCO’s declared World Poetry Day, I wished I could have written a piece in Tagalog (not Filipino), my mother tongue, but unconsciously, thoughts flowed more freely in English. And so here it is.

Love in the Covidocene can also be accessed through:

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